When work becomes a permanent vacation.

Digital nomads are people who earn their income online, independent of their location. Digital nomads have the freedom and mobility to work while travelling the world (if they choose), as long as there is a good internet connection wherever they go.

Digital nomads value a location-independent lifestyle, put simply being a digital nomad is about having the freedom to work wherever you want. That means being able to pick up your laptop and venture off into any country or destination you please. There are even websites like the Nomad List that give you the best cities in the world to live and work remotely in.

Internet commerce has created a new breed of young entrepreneurs that has emerged that rejects traditional workplace structure by embracing flexible hours and travel.

The digital nomad’s golden rule is simple:

You can work from anywhere in the world, as long as you have a good internet connection.

Most digital nomads earn a living through setting up automated internet-based businesses that generate passive income. However these ventures, such as affiliate marketing, advertising, selling online courses, and commission sales, yield slow, long-term returns.

A larger portion of digital nomads however are people who seek a greater work-life balance than they might find at a full-time job. A way to earn a living that can allow them to take big chunks of time off, traveling, spending time with family or doing otherwise.

Traveling is still an expensive comfort for most people, but if you can built a passive or residual income from a specific skillset that you have, then that can allow you to take a few months off in the year, venturing into as many vacation sunsets as you please. Building a sustainable client base that can support you like that however is never as easy as it seems.

Overall being a digital nomad is a good career choice for travel lovers or people who love traveling and don’t want to be stuck working in an office for the rest of their lives.


  1. Stoebenau

    Sounds wonderful if you don’t have children or they are grown. I would like to try it! I am not tied down any more, and as long as I could take my cat.