Can money buy you happiness? Yes..and No.

Money can buy you happiness, or rather it can give you a lot more options, opportunities and places where you can look for happiness. So basically this means that it largely depends on whether or not you know where to look.

Most people don’t know the basic scientific facts about happiness—about what brings it and what sustains it—and so they don’t know how to use their money to acquire it. It is not surprising when wealthy people who know nothing about wine end up with cellars that aren’t that much better stocked than their neighbors’, and it should not be surprising when wealthy people who know nothing about happiness end up with lives that aren’t that much happier than anyone else’s — If Money Doesn’t Make You Happy You Aren’t Spending It Right

Here are four ways that can help you use money to find your happiness.

1.Find where your personal and financial lives intersect

Focus more on putting your money into projects that you are passionate about and spending on experiences instead of just things. Put simply, invest in what you love.

2.Invest in social spending

Science has shown that being social can alleviate as many health risks as exercising and staying fit. Travelling and going on vacations with your loved ones forges deeper connections. Spending time strengthening your relationships with your loved ones can lead to a more happier and fulfilling life.

3.Following your passion

Find activities that interest you or even start a business that involves something that you are passionate about. This is another way to invest in your happiness, by spending money on your passions in life.

4.Give more

Studies have shown that giving and receiving stimulates the same regions in your brain. So an act of charity or giving, can be just as rewarding to the person giving as it is to the person receiving. So give more and make an impact.


  1. QueenSplendiferous

    Interesting points made here. I feel as if on one end, money is a necessity, and in the other hand, it’s Materialistic and comes and goes. I think in a way, it could make me feel comfortable and/or more relaxed knowing that my bills are taking care of as well as my daughter’s needs. It aliyah does freak great to help somebody out in need too.