What’s the worst true ghost story you ever heard?


i dont really believe in ghosts but I’ve heard a few real stories that happened in places close to where I live. I was told once a taxi driver was coming home one night with no passengers. It was about 2am in the morning and he saw this woman standing by the sidewalk wearing a red dress. It looked like she was waiting for a vehicle so he drove up to her and stopped by her and asked if she needed a taxi. She said yes then went inside the taxi. she gave him directions to where she lived and he drove her home. The lights were off. N Then she told him she didn’t have any money on her and she was going inside for the money and return to pay him. He was okay with it so She opened the door and started walking toward the house. A call came in on the drivers phone so he answered. When he looked back for the lady she was gone so he assumed she reached inside the house so he waited. Around 10 minutes had passed and he was getting impatient. So he blew the horn. The lights then turned on so he walked up to the house and an older woman came and answered the door. She asked what he wanted. He told her that a young lady took his taxi to this address and went inside promising to return with his money. The old woman grabbed her chest in shock and looked around the room behind her and outside. She then told the driver to get back in his car and drive away as quickly as he could from this house. The man asked why. She looked at him and replied with wide eyes…. sir I live here alone, the woman you saw was my daughter that died in a car crash on her way home 5 years ago. The man then quickly ran back to his car and drove away doing 90 MPH all the way. This story gave me shills. What ones have you heard?

Asked on November 14, 2017 in General.
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This was right in front of my face but one night at my grandmother’s house it was me and my little sister we was on the front pouch swing. We started talking and then started to swing while in the process the swing gose sideways then it starts to go toward the house wall and it’s hits the house as hard as it can then it starts again it dose this like four times and then it get really cold around us it gose away. Then this other time my grandmother and I was sleeping in the front bedroom so we are laying down and we hear some nose in the kitchen and we thought it may have been her boyfriend at but it wasn’t him so we kept waiting and then the sink in the kitchen comes on and then it shut off like he was getting something to drink or washing his hands so he starts walking back to where we was and then he stoped and openeopened the bathroom door turns the light one and then the sink so granny says come to bed when your read and then everything went off and he walks to the bedroom door looks right at us then turns and walks back through the kitchen and put the door and gone.

Answered on November 15, 2017.

pretty scary

on November 19, 2017.
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I try not to hear scary stories i get scared

Answered on November 14, 2017.
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I have ghost in my house

Answered on November 18, 2017.

how do you know

on November 19, 2017.
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