How to concentrate on studies?


When every single thing distracts you, & you try to focus on studies but couldn,t.  

Asked on January 12, 2018 in Advice.
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That’s a very good question I can tell you personally I live with aDD ADHD Tourette’s sydnrome and ODD. All that make it extremely more attainable for me to focus then the rest of the mainstream public. Took me a very long time nobody had any answers or solutions that worked when I was growing up only in time that I start to derive my own Solutions as the same time I was teaching myself how to reprogram my brain for anything I needed to at any time. For me I need something constantly going on around me at all times all right can’t focus weather that mean I am studying somewhere that’s quiet but with some background noise from people or a small room they’re in my head I pretend is a project room and that what I’m trying to work on is on the brink of being huge and I have some soft music on in the background no headphones must not use headphones that blocks out and Cloud your mind has to be in open playing stereo of some sort and I would play whatever music my body needs to hear it feel from in order to allow myself to relax enough tore my focus is on what I’m studying at hand as opposed to what my body and mind is lacking from the world at that given time.. furthermore desire also plays a role if you have no desire or interest at all in what you are trying to study well then I just cut to the Chase and recommend you find a new study. Public Studies have shown that people who are not interested in what they do are very unsuccessful and unfocused and unable to achieve the average when the will is there so will your focus be. And the only thing that I’ve come to find really works is plan to get a certain portion of study done BTW make it attainable within the time frame you plan on when you finish it take an hour break or two get some fresh air get something to eat watch a movie take a nap whatever but you must be committed to go back when the hours done and complete another portion then take another break when you finally gotten through everything take one huge break then challenge yourself to go through it all at once you will realize I noticed that it is much easier this time for a lot of this is already in your head and you’re creating a challenge and desire for yourself to test yourself soon as you find yourself eager to see what you remember as opposed to feeling like why do I got to do this. Thus resulting and you actually reprogramming your brain to be more focused and create desire that didn’t exist before to study long and well and this will carry on throughout your life until you effortlessly study anything you’d like and that’s it oh one more thing it’s never healthy to read too long if you ever find yourself getting blurred vision and white pages you really need to take a break and give your eyes a rest. And always be sure that you have something to snack on drink for hydration and Leisure and a meal at some point during your studies when the body isn’t getting what it needs your brain isn’t either and that prevents your body from feeling repulsed of you just studying sitting there all your brain knows what you’re trying to do your body is just telling you something’s wrong and trying to get you away from there and distract you

Answered on January 12, 2018.


on January 12, 2018.
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Keep focus

Answered on January 12, 2018.
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