How do you know when you really like someone and if he/she is really worth taking a chance on?

How do you know if you really like someone and just take a leap and date them?

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You’ll know when you like someone. You might get shy, quiet, get nervous, have butterflies in your stomach, your heart might race, face turn red, etc.
You’ll never know until you try.

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If you really like a person in the place, you should take into mind the long term aspect of a relationship. Because if you just date for fun and nothing else, it means you dont really like that person and dont waste your time pursuing that person.

Answered 4 days ago.

In the FIRST place*

4 days ago.
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To like someone is easy, to love it completely different. If you like someone, get to know that person and you’ll soon find out if you ‘like like’ that person or if that person is just a friend… nobodys perfect, if you dont try you’ll never know…

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