For a great everlasting relationship what are the top 5 important things a couple should remember?

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Love, trust, belief, personal space and time for each other

Answered on July 16, 2017.
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Don’t lie.. Time much needed between two..… Family

Answered on July 16, 2017.
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1)Be honest
2)Trust each
3)Communicate with each other
4)Be open to one another
5)Have time for each other.

Answered on July 18, 2017.
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1) Trust
2) Communication
3) Compromise
4) Respect
5) Always have Time for one another
BONUS: Compassion, Empathy!!

Answered on August 22, 2017.
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1) Communication
2) Respect
3) Honesty
4) Trust
5) loyalty

Answered on September 9, 2017.
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Communication, trust, fidelity, open about financial issues, mutual encouragement in one another’s endeavors.

Answered on October 30, 2017.
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Honesty, loyalty, communication, trust, respect

Answered on January 13, 2018.
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