Get paid to ask and answer questions

Users get rewarded by other users for providing the best answers to questions.You gain points everytime users upvote your questions and answers for being useful. The points that you have earned can then later be redeemed for PayPal cash.

Please take time to read the community guidelines to familiarize yourself with the rules and avoid account suspension.

Read below to understand how the point system works:

Points System

You earn reputation when people vote on your posts

  • +5 

    create a question

  • +1

    answer a question

  • +5 

    answer is voted up

  • +20 

    answer is marked as best


User Privileges

When redeeming points a minimum of 500 points is required to remain on your account, this is to ensure that you do not lose user privileges.

Vote up a question/answer:

20 points

Leave comments on other people’s posts:

20 points

Vote down a question/answer:

20 points