Please take time to read our rules and guidelines very carefully.

All questions have to be approved before they can appear. Questions with poor grammar, spelling and sentence structure will either be edited or rejected.

How to get your questions approved:

Please try to use the proper formatting when posting questions. 

Please try using correct English grammar and punctuation rules.

Use capital letters at the beginning of a sentence or question.

this is my answer – INCORRECT

This is my answer. – CORRECT

Use a question mark at the end of your question.

What day is it – INCORRECT

What day is it? – CORRECT

Do not ask questions that have been asked too many times before

Questions like:

What is your favourite colour/food/game/movie etc

Questions like these are less likely to be approved

Other important things to remember

– Avoid excessive posting when posting your questions. Please try and pace the process by posting a minimum of 2 or 3 questions and waiting a few hours before you post more. This avoids flooding the homepage and gives other people a chance to have their questions seen.

– Try to put your questions in the right category. For example the ‘Qooh It’ category is for questions related to Qooh It only.

– When posting questions try to accept the best answers, questions with too many answers and no accepted ones will eventually get deleted and you will lose those points.

– You will only receive points when your questions are approved so please always try to use proper formatting, grammar and selecting the relevant category. Ignoring this will result in questions getting rejected and deleted.

– Try not to answer questions that already have accepted answers. You get more points when your answers are accepted or upvoted.

– If you don’t know the answer then don’t answer or post ‘I don’t know’. Bad answers will get downvoted and you will lose points.


What Qooh It is for:

First and foremost this is a Q&A platform. So our primary goal is to help users get the best answers for their questions. That is what we are here for. So when you post questions please try and do it genuinely and honestly, try posting questions that you really need to know the answers for instead of just wanting points. The same applies when answering questions. Our mission to assist people get answers and to reward those who help others by providing those answers.

We appreciate your support and contribution, however we would also like our users to take the time to understand the goal and true spirit of our community. Which is to try and help others by helping them find solutions and answers to some of life’s most puzzling problems and questions.

Qooh It is dedicated to helping users get the best answers for their questions. We aim for this platform to be a source of relevant knowledge and inquiry. Our mission is to become a hub of relevant knowledge and information.We reward users who provide the best questions and answers, this means that Qooh It was never meant to be used purely for financial gain.  As a new platform we are always striving to improve it. If you have any problems or inquiries or would like to report something, please contact us.

What Qooh It is not for:

Spam. Don’t spam the platform by posting random and irrelevant questions and answers just to gain more points. Although we try to reward all our contributors those who abuse the system simply for financial gain will be banned.

Excessive Posting. Do not post multiple questions and answers repeatedly and within a very short period of time. Simply put – do not spam.

Do not answer your own questions. This also includes posting answers to the same question over and over again just to gain more points. Rather leave a comment on the answer instead.

Mass Account Registration. Don’t register multiple fake or duplicate accounts to upvote your own questions and answers.

Uploading Sexually Explicit Content. Uploading explicit content on Qooh It is simply not allowed, and there are no exceptions.

Malicious Speech. Hate speech, racism or threatening other users on Qooh It is simply not allowed. You will be banned immediately and without notice.

Privacy Violations. Don’t post content on Qooh It that violates anyone’s privacy, especially personally identifying or confidential information like credit card numbers, social security numbers, or unlisted contact information.

Conspiratorial Upvoting. Users who conspire with one another to constantly upvote each others questions and answers will either be banned or have their points deducted.

Duplicate Account Upvoting. Users who register duplicate accounts and conspire with other users to upvote their own or each others questions and answers will be banned or have their points deducted.

Please help us uphold the quality of our Q&A platform by sticking to these simple guidelines.

If we conclude that you are violating these guidelines you will receive a notification via email and your account will be banned or terminated.

If you feel that a mistake has been made, please contact us, however considerations for repeat offenders will not be entertained. We reserve the right to suspend accounts, or remove content, without notice, for any reason.